Scrappy USTZ Small Gang Sov Fights!

Troll Legion is recruiting USTZ pilots for small gang pvp, and SWAT training. We want our pilots to be the force multipliers in Sov fleets. The Recon pilots, FAX and the jump destroyers. The guys that give a fleet the edge in battle.

If you are looking for a corp for small gang null sec pvp, jump in our public channel. Trolling Grounds and ask questions!

We offer:
Small Gang PVP
Test Server Tuesdays
Small close knit group within a small fun loving alliance

We drop caps:

We love our small gang fights and roams. We also love our sov fights and building a place we can call home.

Hit us up if you want to help build a small alliance, learn pvp, or just have a good gang to hang out with! Public channel is: Trolling Grounds

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