Obnoxiously Active USTZ Players Wanted!

Tired of the form ups, stand downs, and excuses? Troll Legion is looking for obnoxiously active USTZ players with a scrappy attitude for Sov warfare and small gang pvp.

We offer:
-Home in Pure Blind with easy access/logistics chain
-Small Gang pvp
-Capital Drops
-Super Cap Docks
-Sov warfare
-Test Server Tuesdays (to practice our setups)

Our Corp’s goal is to create a group of guys who can undock what is needed to counter the enemy. T3Cs, carriers, FAXs, Recons etc. This will take theory crafting, testing, and training. as we have a “Quality over Quantity” mentality and often fight out numbered.

So pilots need to bring a good attitude and a wiliness to learn, dedicate time and resources to the team setups.

Here are some of the fun fights we’ve had:

If you are interested in joining or have questions jump into our public channel, Trolling Grounds in game or hit me up in convo.

Still recruiting players with a can do attitude and commitment to making fun things happen in Eve

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