Small Gang PVP Corp Taking Sov

Troll Legion is recruiting USTZ PVPs for small gang pvp in sov space. We’re a friendly obnoxious bunch of trolls who love nothing better than to stare dumbly as people tell us we suck, stink and are nothing but drooling morons before we kill them and laugh at the crap they post on Reddit (cuz that’s what L33T pvpers do right?)

Troll Legion is dedicated to becoming a tight knit corp specializing in advanced pvp such as recons, FAXs, Jump Destroyers etc. The goal is high quality pilots that can quickly adapt to counter the enemy or augment traditional fleets with special warfare ships.

We offer:
Sov Fights
Small Gang PvP
Super Cap docks
Test Server Tuesdays

We will accept a limited number of newbros, long as they bring a good attitude, ask questions and be willing to learn. If you have any questions please hit me up in game, jumping in my recruitment channel: 2LOLZ Recruitment or send me an Eve mail!

Still recruiting

Recruitment still open

Recruitment open still

recruiting open

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