Sov Fun! Real Life First Sov Corp Recruiting!

Hey guys!

We believe that game should be fun, played YOUR way cuz lets see…uh yeah! you pay for it! Troll Legion is recruiting like minded pilots who want to pew pew, build stuff to pew pew with, or take sov and build a little empire with our alliance.

While we are relaxed and casual, we like winning in pvp, and are disciplined in our approach. However we don’t do the REQUIRED skill training mandates forcing pilots to do things our ways. Instead find what YOU like and become good in that role.

A spot in Troll Legion means being in an active pvp alliance offering:

  • Small Gang PVP
  • Fleet PVP
  • Exploration
  • Industry
  • Yada yada yada

Troll Legion is about training pilots to their fullest potential…whatever you select as your role, max it out. If that’s ewar, tackle, Force Auxillary. You will be the go to guy for that. Our goal is to be a force multiplier in fleets. We want pilots who can augment traditional fleets with specialized warfare roles allowing the regular fleet to perform better.

We love small gang warfare…and we love fighting numerically outnumbered and winning. N+1 is not our thing.

We are USTZ based…if interested in joining, jump into our public channel “Trolling Grounds” in game and say hi!

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