Players wanting to make something out of Eve

Troll Legion is seeking players wanting to make something out of Eve. To build their own little empire in Sov space. Mechanics can be learned, PVP can be taught, do you have the determination to make it happen?

We accept new players and bitter vets.
Small Gang PvP
Sov PvP
Test Server Tuesday Training

Troll Legion is dedicated to becoming a null sec power house. We want our pilots to learn to excel in specialize warfare tactics that can turn the tides of battles.

We need pilots who can see the dream, and will throw their all into achieving it. Bring a can do attitude, the wiliness to learn and improve and help us [2LOLZ]

We’re a real life first group, very relaxed, and into having fun! That may be pvp, finishing collecting the materials for a build project, or running pve events.

If you are interested, jump in our public channel Trolling Grounds and see how you can become a Troll today!

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