Newbro Corp Recruiting Pilots For PVP and Industry Before Going Null [2LOLZ]

Troll Legion is recruiting fun loving USTZ pilots to help build the Troll Empire. We are pvp/pve masters returning to the game to start up shenanigans again and building our group to invade sov space and plant the Troll flag for all to see!

Scheduled Activities:

  • Light Industry
  • Exploration
  • Wormhole Raids
  • Small Gang PVP
  • More to come as we grow

Eve is what you make of it! Let’s make it fun and entertaining 2 LOLZ!
-USTZ Pilots only
-Voice coms with mic and headset required
-Stealth Bomber capable minimum skill level


Visit Trolling Grounds public channel in game with questions or contact a Troll Legion recruiter to join.

Recruitment Still Open

Still Recruiting

Still recruiting ppl for a tight knit pvp/industrial team to plant the Troll Empire flag in null sec.

Hi there.

You are here to satisfy your curiosity about a group called Troll Legion, and my job is to tell you why it could be the best decision of your EVE career to date. So let’s begin.

I’ll be frank. Content is the best reason to join us. I began EVE as an industrialist on an another character. That dream ended in the explosive hail of a pirate’s scourge missile. My cormorant stood new chance. When my twin’s Kernite laden hauler popped we were both rudely introduced to the reality of low-security high-risk hauling. Out of those ashes came Isaiah Harms - a combat focused character. If we were going to be successful industrialists we’d need some teeth to deal with those getting in our way.

So the quest began. Making my own way through the Minmatar Republic I joined a corp, and ended up learning about wormholes. Just in time to save my new alliance mates.

See, another corp called The Executioners were coming for us. Flush from killing a couple high-sec alliances, they wanted a new challenge. My outfit was next on the list. After enlisting every bad-ass pirate available in Molden Heath they began a crusade to deny content to me and my fellows.

Being in lowsec we were soon hellcamped by capitals and outgunned by pirates in faction battleships. We couldn’t fight. We couldn’t mission run. We couldn’t have fun. Active participants on our voice coms (ventrilo) began dwindling.

I distinctly recall logging in one day to find only 3 other guys brave enough to be in each other’s company. I got pissed.

“Dabber” I said, addressing our senior FC. “I’ve had it. We can’t let these guys ruin our fun. We can’t fight them, but we can still go have fun.”

“What do you have in mind, Isy?”
“There’s these wormholes, and they make good money.”

After 30 minutes of explanation we had our first official alliance wormhole op. Dabber and I scrounged up 5 other alliance mates to fly with us. I think the FC did it more out of desperation than faith, but my alliance sent 7 guys past the enemy. who were currently hitting a member’s POS, and out to a C3. After raiding it dry we dispatched a loot filled hauler to Jita. Then all 7 of us returned to our sweet little lowsec HQ to thumb our noses at the pirates. They outgunned us, and we couldn’t do anything about it, yet.

Wormhole ops began flushing wallets, and these actions bolstered alliance unity. Wormholes were pretty new, and the pirates never thought to track us to those mysterious cosmic signatures.

These ops gave a dying alliance something to live for. We began fighting back, guerilla style. I was promoted to a corp directorship. My task was to keep wallets full. Eventually I also became a pvp FC.

The war continued. The Executions (now called Bogelyft Alliance) had failed to kill us. We’d changed the battle ground to highsec where their carriers and fleets of -5.0 players couldn’t hit us. There we intercepted their solo guys transiting from a market. After 6 months under war dec the baddest pirates in Molden Heath hadn’t destroyed us. In fact, our guerilla attacks had evened up the ISK ratios. The whole of Molden Heath watched as we taunted them. New players joined to get a part of the action. Everyone likes to bloody the nose of a bully.

The pirates dropped the war. And we watched their security statuses begin to rise. We knew they were coming for us in highsec. We waited 2-3 weeks, then promptly moved the entire alliance across the Republic to prepare a trap in Metropolis. An alliance was going to die.

There’s more to this story, and if you want to hear it come to our Discord server and just ask. I tell it to give you the real reason to come be in Troll Legion: There is content. Not the boring stuff any alliance can provide, but the stuff that really matters. The kind of content that makes you want to be in EVE every day. Because you’ll be part of a team trying to do what everyone else thinks will kill us.

You’ll learn to PvP, and together we’ll form a team that does more stuff like this:

That was my ragtag fleet. Count the logi (and ignore that Dreadnought. It didn’t join field until we’d cleared it. Bad BR bot)!

What I do at Troll Legion is create content. Content you’ll share in. Content like the story that I just told you. When you fly with me, you don’t just get ISK and kills, you get a purpose in EVE.

That’s why you should join.

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