Troll Legion Recruiting

Corp: Troll Legion

Alliance: Skeleton Crew

0.0 The Spire

We are part of a SOV Alliance carving out space in the Spire IVO the C-B pocket in the Spire.

We have veterans knowledgeable in all aspects of Eve; they are even willing to explain things to new players with out too much salt… (There may be some Trolling however) What we want most are members that do things together; those who ISK together, risk together.

We do Ratting, Mining; Moon, Ice and Ore, some of our more adventurous Corp members run Wormholes and sites. We have members working on manufacturing and filling the T2 Rig production market.

We want a Corporation that is a tight knit group of pilots who can adapt to the many aspects of Eve and SOV life. The best investment we can make is in each other as pilots and a team that works together.

Please come have a chat with us in our recruitment channel: Trolling Grounds, or send a message to Zy Sojurn or Pimius in game.

Fly Safe

1 Bump for the Troll God!

Still looking for some new Trolls come have a chat with us in our recruitment channel: Trolling Grounds

Can confirm it’s a group of good players. We have fun regardless of the circumstances.

Come be a troll. It’s fun, we have cookies and we’re working on the bridge part.

Trolls on a roll!

Tired of just being another number in a fleet or TIDI got you down.

Troll Legion is looking to recruit and train specialty pilots, logistics, Ewar, Dictor and Ceptor pilots.

Almost daily roams in to wormhole and enemy territory .

Contact Zy Sojurn or Pimius in game, or jump into our recruitment channel: Trolling Grounds.