[00:00-02:00 eve] [PVP] Long time eve player looking for a reason to log in again

253M Main
200M Secondary
84M triage / hunter alt
multiple hunter / hauler capable alts

Active between the hours of 21:00 - 02:00 eve (most active between 00:00 - 02:00 eve)

Long time eve player (since Feb 2007) looking for a reason to log in again. Seeks new, active home with a mature player base. Can fly any combat ship in the game.

Desired game play: Small gang pvp / Blackops

Undesirable game play: Sov Warfare / Structure Bashing

Key offerings:

  1. I can fly nearly any ship in the game with high proficiency
  2. I prefer roles such as the following, and am maxed for the same:
    • command link (CD / command ship)
    • fast tackle
    • solo frigate logi (i’ve done a little bit of solo 100mn logi loki back in the day. but I’m not a fan of t3c’s)
  3. I am self sufficient on income sources.
  4. Mature player
  5. Helpful
  6. Years of experience across the eve career spectrum. (some areas notably more than others though)

I enjoy my current community of friends. The only down side is a distinct lack of content during when I am available to play which has resulted in a sharp decline in how often I am logging in to play. If you regularly produce, or are involved in content between the hours of 00:00-02:00 eve, and are interested in an additional pilot, feel free to contact me in game. Show me the content you enjoy, and let me know why you think I’d possibly be a good fit with your band of misfits :slight_smile:

While I can FC small gang fleets and don’t mind acting as a “backup” or “coach” I do not have the desire to be a primary FC / the person “creating” the content. I just want to show up, help, and participate in the content at this point in my career.


Hi you still looking for a Corp? Are you interested in wormhole space? If yes for both then why don’t you check us out. We are a small gang pvp Corp operating out of C4 space. We specialise in gang pvp taking it out to ls ns or anywhere a fight can be. We are friendly Corp with many active players.
If any of this interests you check out Interstellar Central Technologies (IT3CH). Or message me in game

Thanks for the offer Dr UnKnOwn, but I don’t believe I will find what I am looking for in your corp. Best of luck to you guys though!

daily up

I think we may have what you are looking for. We have many members that are active around this time and we also have lots of content esp recently as we are trying to take sone new space. I’m going to link our ad but come chat are we can see if you are a fit

Thanks Rori

Hello mate

So I will copy our corp recruitment advert here for you with all the speel to read if you really want to but let’s give you the TLDR version.

We new and recruiting slow. We want experience pilots so that we can grow in skill together. We currently focusing on small ships for our first three months. We chilled with a RL first mentality. Most of us have kids but will be on nearly everyday.

Our fleets have music in the background if you want, we take the Mickie out of each other and have a laugh. We mostly active in EU but tend to overflow into US time zone.

If it sounds like your cup of tea then come say hello.

Links in advert below.

EVEMail me I have something you might be interested in.

Check us out. [EU/USTZ] Are you UNQUALIFIED?

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