[0S0R] Osmium Order - Looking for PvPers and Content Seekers

The Osmium Order is a [USTZ] PvP and PvE centric corporation located in Derelik. Our mission is simple; if it moves, shoot it.

We provide an inclusive atmosphere for all players in and out of EvE. Cooperation and fellowship are what we strive to achieve and maintain in our community.

We Offer:
*Casual small-gang content, whether it be roams, abyssals, or wormhole diving
*A public discord with a corp exclusive section
*Buyback program on loot and materials

We only ask that you are respectful to your fellow members and the denizens of New Eden.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Zero Vigilant ingame or NeonShivan#4868 on Discord, or join our ingame public channel: 0S0R-Pub

Our public discord is available as well: Link

Fly recklessly o/

Question, you were about to invite me into the Corp. then you just delete me from discord with no earring or reason?

?No answers

I ultimately decided against going forward with your application as well as allowing continued participation in our Discord as I believe that personality differences between yourself and other members would put strain on unit cohesion and ultimately make yours and everyone’s eve experience unpleasant. It is in my opinion that you would be better off finding another community to call home.

Still recruiting, hit us up!

We’re still recruiting, hit us up ingame or on discord!

Still here, still looking, still shooting neuts in local. Sometimes posting memes on our discord.

Still here, still recruiting, hit us up!

Still here, still recruiting.

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