1.6 million plus surplas skills points to re-allocate

Hello good people

After a ridiculously long lay off and i have decided to give Eve another run out and am actually hugely enjoying it.

My main game play will be 0.0 null sec pvp/fleet/corp stuff, plus some old school lvl 4 mission running in the carebear zones - though I notice they have really pickaxed loot from lvl3/4s since my last sub quite som years ago.

I have towards 1.7 million skill points to reallocate, from those really tedious “learning skills” back in the day. What would you recommend I allocate in?

My main love, if i am honest is a Raven or Drake with cruise missiles rigged in it, im also a minmatar gun fanatic as it runs in our blood, will say i preferred arty set up, as those autocannons tend to be a bit greedy on the lead and that fall-off thing with bigger guns vexed me…

If you can give me a heads up where the best place to launch them, hopefully on some skill of many long weeks that would compatose me waiting to learn, hugely appreciated!

I know beggars cant be choosers…but looking for generic ship skills that will hopefully help me across board to bring some worth while boost to my fly time :slight_smile:

The Falconie!


As your nullsec corporation / alliance. They’ll be able to provide more useful feedback.

Im not yet i only started playing again like a few days ago after about 5-6 years out, thanks for the tip…

Thats why I am here…

If someone tells you to put points into Battlecruisers, but your alliance only uses HACs, then that’s a ton of wasted SP that could be going directly to actual doctrine ships that are used by your alliance.

Find out what they’re using, don’t ask random strangers here to give you skill point advice on something you don’t know yet yourself.

It would be wise to figure out what you’ll be doing the most in the coming weeks, now that you are back. I’ve also recently returned, and decided to switch up my playstyle a bit with this whole invasion thing going on. The XL weapon specializations I was looking at when I left have become less important compared to a few subcap skills I’d rather flesh out. If you intend to join a nullsec corp follow Scoots’ advice.

I agree with everyone else. Figure out what your corp needs and train those skills. Corp needs may be different from what you would otherwise train.

For example, I wanted to use bombers, but my corp uses Leshaks. I trained into bombers but have not done much with them. The subsequent Leshak training, on the other hand, has been very useful. I should have started there.

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