10.79m SP Focused HIC Pilot / Gallente Level 5 Mission Puller

For all your tackle and over prop point needs, very dominant in the meta currently.
No Kill marks
Positive Wallet
Character located in Dodixie

7.68 standing with Federation Navy for Level 5 Gallente Missions

Starting Bid: 6b

Buyout 11b

Remap Available now.

6B ,now

Will go 6.5b

Buyout is 11b, will go until Friday (13th) midnight.



What am I missing ?

It says: Gallente Federation - 0.39

Look at corporation standings for Federation Navy

Edit: with picture.

So it is not Gallente Level 5 Mission Puller…
According to the information you provided he can only pull lvl 5 missions for Federation Navy - which makes it way less attractive.

He can pull level 5 for Federation Navy, as stated in the OP.

I’d argue it makes him more attractive because if he had high standings to Gallente faction then he would have low standings to Caldari and wouldn’t be able to enter Caldari high sec space.

In any case, he can pull Fed Navy Level 5, it wasn’t intentional deception hence what was written in the original post.

Final day bump.

If buyout is not met, character will be skill-extracted and then kept as a pure mission puller.

Genuine last chance to get the level 5 puller who is also focused on something which is very strong in the current meta, will not be sold if buyout is not met.


I really want to

So your buyout is the same as your reserve price and your starting was 6? Interesting

If you’re interested I have stated the price and the conditions upon which I would be willing to sell. If you are not interested, stop posting on my thread.

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