100 mil + Toon with multiple 100mil + alts seeks corp

12 year player returning from a break. Want to find a slightly more casual Corp to facilitate my responsible return to my addiction. Have experience with all regions of play other than residence in lowsec. Toons are mainly pvp-centric with one or two rorq/Jf pilots in there. Heavily and properly skilled into capitals and supers, with one toon that could fly and fight titan (with purchase of skill book). Can fly shield faxes quite well, armor fax needs a little work on skills.

Not particularly interested in wh’s although for the “right” Corp I might be convinced. Not able to put in the time and effort to apply to a tier one alliance or group due to work/family/life commitments. Casual without being ■■■■ is my focus.

Let me know what’s out there.

100mil sps + should deff be in Thera/Volta nowadays.

Are you self sufficient isk wise ?

Hey, I saw you are a 12 year player. You will find like minded veteran’s just like you in our corp. You mention you are properly skilled in capitals and supers. We have a large growing number of capital pilots. Unfortunately I can not share to much information on that subject for obvious reasons. I hope I answered some of your requests.

Greetings Dread,

I have mailed you in-game. I look forward to a conversation with you.

Hey @Dread_McCook,

Want to check out Moslty Sober? we have an active group with alliance and coalition fleets running pretty much 24/7. We have plenty of action so you wont be bored looking for PVP. Want to hear more check out the standard blob below

Mostly Sober is an experienced group of pilots that has expertise in all aspects of EVE but with a focus on PVP. We are led by the outlaw himself, MrChuckNorris, One of the best/most chill FC/Alliance leads in the game. We are Alliance members of The Bastard Cartel, who specialize in quality over quantity and are currently operating in the content rich regions of Tenerifis, Catch, Curse, & Immensea Fly Safe…Fly Dangerous…Fly Sober…Well Mostly Sober

Corp Killboard

What We Offer

    • Active and inviting Community/TS/Discord for engagement, questions, and asshatery
  • Experienced FC’s and Content Generating Members

  • NullSec space for lucrative ratting/Ore & Ice Mining/Baiting

  • Small/Medium Gang Warfare in USTZ/EUTZ

  • Black Ops Fleets - BLOPS

  • Alliance Fleet Ops 50+ with lots of small gang optys

  • Capital Fleets

  • Doctrine Ships on Contract

  • Excellent Logistic Backbone

  • Propaganda Competitions

What We Are Looking For:

  • Players looking to Learn and Grow/Enhance their PVP experience

  • Team Players - Mostly Sober is a collective effort

  • Experienced Content Creating Personas

  • PVP/Indy/Logistics/Capital Pilots

  • 15m Skill Points

  • No Alpha Clones

  • Relocate and Stage in Home System

  • A Carefree Attitude

  • Adaptable, Willing To Train Into Fleet Doctrines

  • Current/Former Military

  • Dank Soundboards

Come chat in our public channel MS-Recruitment in-game to learn more and apply in game and here:

Mostly Sober Application Form

We have a few people that you might have a lot in common with.
Would be down for a chat if you’re open to do so.

We also have a topic here on the forums.

Feel free to contact me ingame or visit our public ingame channel ‘stronghelm corp’.

Fly safe o/


Check us out, we may be just what you are looking for… Laid back, no BS corp in TEST, offering all aspects of Null life

Hello! Please check our recruitment post:


Fly safe

Hi McCook, I’m not sure what you mean by a more casual corp but your skills are aligned with what we’re trying to achieve. We have no minimum play time requirements if that’s what you’re worried about so if you’ll drop by our public channel, The EDF Bar, we can have a chat about specifics. One of the things we offer is you the chance to fly a Corp-owned Apostle or Minokawa on ops so you aren’t wasting your money on a ship that’s infrequently used outside of war.

Hey Dread!

Ive recently set up a wh corp, and I definitely need some fire power in it. We’re a small active group of players. Maybe I can interest you in joining me out here?

Below is my advert. Gimme a holler in eve to learn more.

Looking for adventurous players of all kinds to join my new wormhole space corporation. We’re a 2 man band of experienced J-Space pvpers looking to expand ourselves into J-Space wh dwellers.

What can we offer prospects?

SRP extending outside of fleet ops
Pvp galore
Mining/ratting fleets.
Access to t4 level pi in system
Access to knowledgable wh pvpers
Corporate buyback on ores, and gas. Soon to add pi mats to this list!
What are our goals?

To develop system for all kinds of industry opportunities

To help advance the game play of newbros or those looking to get into pvp.

To advance our skills in pvp

To get rich

What is expected of you?

Be around for timers and home defense

Use Pathfinder and follow corp bookmark procedures

Have discord open for rapid responses

Be decent to fellow corp members

Ask help if you need it!

word from the ceo
As a first time CEO i will likely make a few mistakes moving forward. I can promise you that i will breed a corporation were ridicule is not ok and any criticism is constructive. I want my corp to be a great place for new players to grow and for old players to get away from the crazy politics in K-space. Also for everyone to get rich!

Shoot me a message if interested!

join requiements
1mil sp if omega. 500k sp if alpha

If omega must be able to fly a prototype cloak on any t1 explo frigate

Not a requirement but shipping doctrine is armor based

Voice comms on discord. Must at least be able to listen to comms.

If interested contact me via evemail! Api is required for acceptance.

The Exchange Collective

We are a PvP-focused Industrial Corporation, part of SLYCE, one of the oldest Industrial Alliances in New Eden and one of the founding influences of SPECTRE Fleet. We make things happen, both on the markets and on the grid, in combat fleets.

Working with us, you will have access to multiple daily fleets at the Alliance and Coalition level, with tons of action and major combat, ranging from Small Gang Roams on up to truly massive Fleet Battles, with thousands of participants on grid. This is the kind of thing we play EVE for.

When not out there having fun in a Combat Hull, there’s plenty of ISK to be made from T1/T2/T3 Manufacturing, Market Seeding, PI, Reactions, Blueprint Copying, Ratting and many other things.

EVE-Mail Corvar Estidal in game if you’re interested in finding out more.

Website: The Exchange Collective

Killboard: Corporation Killboard

Greetings Dread McCook

Pandemic Lizards is a proud member of Triumvirate, we are a corporation that likes to get involved in all aspects that EvE Online has to offer.

We are active, friendly and not afraid to take on and build up even the newest of pilots to PVP.

We have a vast amount of experience amongst our pilots, that thrive on the opportunity to help and develop new members and our corporation into something even more great than what it is.

So if you’re ambitious, not afraid to get your hands dirty, enjoy good banter and not too shy to talk on comms, then come on over to our public channel. We would love to hear from you.

Public Channel – Lizards Pub

What we look for :

18+ Years of age
CAP able
Voice comms
30+mil SP
The hunger to smash people in the face
Solid sense of humour, we love the bants

What you can expect :

Strong UK/EU time zone presence
Daily PVP roams
Solid leadership
Active members
Experience and willing to assist
Corp JF service
Weekly BLOPS fleets

As Alpha Clone i tell you CCP that Eve is dying because of your greedy, you should write not ‘free play’ but ‘free die’ to alpha clones. I cant do PI, cant cloak - cant fight coz everyone see me, cant mine - venture is a joke, true is that all i can do to play eve is PAY, yes buy plex for real money, so as alpha i must first pay you to really start playing eve. You block all ways for alphas to start realy earn isk coz you want from alphas to pay you. I wont pay you, i go play world of tanks - equal rulez for all, ■■■■ you CCP, i quit this stupid game.

We’re a US/AU TZ null sec PvP group that specializes in BLOPs and capitals (our killboard). Shoot me a mail if you’re interested, join our in-game channel Scotch Delivery, or join our discord. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey, I just restarted myself into EVE with my new corp, too. We are out there. If you want, just take a look at this topic: New? Old? Alone? Don't be - join Puffin Squads - Home of the Underdogs


Mad Librarian (MadLib)

mail me in game if you would like to talk further.

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