100m PVP Pilot (Nyx, Rev, Sub-cap hero)

I am selling one of my beloved PVP pilots! She has served me well since purchasing her back in 2016.


(Corp has been dropped, ESI should catch up shortly)
Sec Status: -9.59 Pirate life!
Wallet is Positive
No Killrights
Located in HS NPC station

Some fun pod sets:

  1. Cruise Missile Pod, +4s
  2. Light Missile Pod , +3s,
  3. +5 pod
  4. Full High Grade Crystal Pod, HAM
  5. Mid-grade amulet pod, HAM

Notable Skills

  • Fighters V
  • Heavy Fighters V
  • Sentry Drone V
  • Capital Energy Turret V
  • All Subcap missiles to V
  • JDC V
  • Logi Cruiser V

Will consider 85b+ offers

I am for sale. I will do all communication through Brock Khans, however all payment will be taken by Serene.

I can offer 64b

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80bil b/o

Oooo very tempting. Let’s see what the next days bring


lets skip waiting for a “next days” and agree to 82bil b/o

cheers o7

I’ll take 82. Send it to Serene Audene
Also the account name via evemail


I sent the ISK and account Info to Serene Audene :wink:

Thank you.

Seven o7

Isk/account recieved. Transfer started, you should get an email shortly

Thank you. That was fast:)

Another player is transferring the character Serene Audene to your account named xxx

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