102m PVP Pilot (AEON/Nyx, Rev, Sub-cap hero)

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Serene_Audene (pw: 5555)

Character in NPC corp
Sec Status: -9.59 Pirate life!
Wallet is Positive
No Killrights
Located in HighSec NPC station

Full High Grade Crystal 7bil
Some fun pod sets:

Cruise Missile Pod, +4s
Light Missile Pod , +3s,
+5 pod
Mid-grade amulet pod, HAM

Great Stadings

Notable Skills

Revelation M4
Almost Avatar Rdy (CS 5 Learning ~30 days)
Nyx/Aeon M4
Fighters V
Heavy Fighters V
Sentry Drone V
Capital Energy Turret V
All Subcap missiles to V
Logi Cruiser V

Will consider 80b+ Offers



and up

65b offer

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ISD Bahamut

83b ready

accepted, please send ISK and account name

isk + account name sent

ISK and accountname received.
Thank you.

I just woke up.

I start the transfer in 1-2h once my meeting finnished.

char transfer started. have fun o7

(I can transfer you the required securitytags in JAN to remove neg sec status if you want)