100m sp +

i am for sale

all ccp rules apply
no kill rights
located in high sec
positive wallet
im in a npc corp

lets start round 70b

solid start

67b offer


good luck

nice 70b offer lets give it 24 hrs more and then top bidder will win

71b …

bump !

jacklee2022 top bidder with 1hr to go

jacklee2022 winner please send isks and account information

@Mrs_3vil i’m pretty sure jacklee2022 isn’t going to pay. She won another auction and did not pay as well “60+ m skill point character - #16 by BeepBoopGoo100110”. Fake bids… if all those fake bidders failed to deliver isk, my offer is 62 billions with isk on hand ready to send. let me know…

My offer still stands.

make the bid 70b and you got a deal

okey, will send in an hour.

isk and email sent.

isks and account info recived
character transfer has been started

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