48m SP combat character

No Killrights
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp

Unable to open your skill link.Please make sure it’s not private

20 billions

Wanna a T3C char, would offer 29B.

Skillboard is now public sorry

Bidding Starting at 29B


So what is your expected price, or do you have an auction deadline? I think it is a waste of precious time to blindly approach your price.

29 B/O, 24h

29.5BIL Valid within 48 hours

Offer received if not outbid in 24 hours from this reply it will be accepted

29.75b offer

30BIL 你是国人嘛?QQ1702319392

30.5b offer

31 BIL

32b offer

Offer Received bidding will end in 24 hours from this reply

32.1BIL last offer


if still available, 33bil