100mn AB change

Before the ESS changes and restrictions that came with it, 100mn ab fits were not that common, but since the ess change has occured, they have become the new mandatory mod to fit to compete or defend, forcing any player into more expensive ships/fits to to try to defend/attack another ess. The ability to counter a 150 mil isk ship seems to require a 300 mil isk ship and a much larger skill pool. (phantasm vs hugin). I see the ess as a way to lvl the playing field to prevent or deter a kiting meta. So far it has had the exact opposite effect. A phantasm should not be able to do 5km per second with an afterburner.

My suggestion is to ban the ability to fit 100mn ab from being fit to cruisers but leaving it to be able to be fit to BCs and up as it is now.

This is what’s called a poorly thought out knee jerk reaction. The ESS change isn’t even a week old and we have kids like OP proposing a change to the ENTIRE game just because of this one tiny and insignificant aspect of the game.

Give it 2 months before crying like this, OP, maybe then people will take you seriously.

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If that is so insignificant, no problem it being reverted right?


I must admit It makes content more viable. More people are willing to engage one another. And it changes the meta slightly. I love the changes but i never ever rat. So i’m not sure how much difference it will make to the poor people who do.

100mn cruisers are fine. There is always a counter and always a trade off.

Phantasms only do 5km a second with 100mn ab. But they are extrmely non cap stable in this situation. Dual webbed huggin or loki would be handy. Or a deadspace curse.

Not everyone is rocking a 100mn phantasm and for those who are. You can still get them when approchaed right.

Don’t forget - 100mn Cruisers fly like a ship, once they are heading in one direction they are staying that way. Use that to your advantage.

My Huggin has a 100km web range with boosts and 78 without. Phantasm isn’t doing ■■■■ to that either seeing as huggin has Large EM resist boosts.

Find a counter that work. If you only want to defend the ESS then stick to something tanky and stick to the center of the site.


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