Dear ccp .
Please give the Ahimmu some love. This ship is one of the coolest in EVE and I can’t remember a time when it was in favor. Please buff it to be good at something. maybe give it a tiny tiny sig so its anemic range is not a problem as nothing can hit it until it’s webbed. Or make it very very fast with an AB so its like neuting/nos version of the phantasm.


Steal one of Sansha Nation’s signature bonuses from them? please no. Each pirate faction have a specialty at which they excel:

  • Angel Cartel’s specialty is ???
  • Blood Raiders specialty is Cap Warfare
  • Gurista’s Specialty is Drones
  • Sansha Nation’s Specialty is AB Speed
  • Serpentis’ specialty is Web effectiveness

Warp speed, speed and agility.

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…and signature radius.

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I have to agree with you to a certain degree. As I do love that ship but it most likely just needs a slight buff in its armor or maybe how much cap it can drain

Yeah. With it’s abilities (both very useful but rather short range), it will be pretty high priority in any target list. And for that it simply can’t tank well enough. Basically same problem as the Vigilant.

For now, I would:

  • add 300 base armor (2950 → 3250)
  • add 27m/s base speed (208 → 235)
  • lower sig by 10m (130 → 120)
  • lower mass by 1.000t (11.010.000kg → 10.010.000kg)

Then lets see if it can catch up a bit to the other faction cruisers in comparison.

for reference:
Vedmak has 4125 base armor, 300 base speed, 110m sig and 9.530.000kg mass (complete OP ship ^^)
Navy Omen has 2550 base armor, 265 base speed, 100m sig and 10.850.000kg mass
Navy Augoror has 3100 base armor, 215 base speed, 120m sig and 10.650.000kg mass

My main request would be to make it slightly smaller as a target and change the dmg bonus to a small drone dmg bonus, and doubleits drone bay This would make this thing a tackle killer and give it a place again.

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