101 Mil Sp Supercarrier NyX Pilot

Security Status 4.55
No Killrights.
In NPC corp.
Positive wallet
Jump clones Agal
Starting bid 70 B

where have all the buyers gone?

70 bil

come on 75b and i agree

what do you think?

72 b b/o

ok go

ok give me 5 minutes


did you fall asleep if within 3 minutes I do not receive an answer I will accept another offer

I’m here

so man?

73Bil offer

money sent

A shame. I was ready to offer even more. It’s not my lucky day

account name and money sent waiting for transfer … thanks

This is now a 5m sp char

persanazha did not get … money did not return back either … What to do in this situation ???

Open a ticket asap

@ISD_Sakimura @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode @GM_Telomer

I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy that scamned me. He’s done this in 3 threads total so far