~11.5m sp wts 7.5bill minimum

Brianna Kane Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

SkillQ.net - Brianna Kane

locater in Jita hisec npc station

yearly remap used 2 bonus remamps unused.

+3 implants for all xcept charisma.

isk balance positive 2 isk.

skill highlights include. Amarr battlecruiser 5, medium energy turret 5, small energy turret 5, Amarr tactical destroyer 4.

7B here

i’m going to wait till it goes up to 8 bill or more. thanks for posting the offer though.



WTO 8 bil

mail sent ingame to your toon, andemandse. we can chat there if u want. either way, I dont wanna flood the forums with chat bumps.

if u want to retract your offer or keep it up. leme know via evemail.




How far you are from paladin and Large t2 Lasers?

for paladin and t2 lasers. i havent realy started. i do not think this is the post you are looking for. i have however used a remap to skill into that fast with max perception and the rest in willpower and +3 implants in perception and willpower.

I might consider buying it and skill it later to Paladin. I offer 7,5B

deal meet me in-game so i can get the isk and acct info from you. that way i can initiate the transfer.

ISK and account name sent

ok leme know if the toon doesnt come thru. otherwise have a good day and goodbye.

Pilot recived. Thanks