(Wts kiki morgan >10.8msp 8bill minimum bid) Edit: SOLD

SkillQ.net - Kiki Morgan

cybernetics 5
precursor destroyer 4
amarr destroyer 5

can sit in ishtar hull with gallente cruiser 5 and other associated skills

jita and in npc corp

no remaps used. 2 bonus remaps and 1 yearly.

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ill take that offer if i cannot find another offer within 2 days or less. by then ill have biology 5 on the kiki morgan toon.

then again, i do not know if you are going to retract that offer until then.

will wait top 2 day, post here if you accept, will refresh from time to time. o7

As we agree, i sent the isk and account name for transfer.
Thank you.

i dont see the account name for transfer in your mail. can u mail it to me ingame. i dont see it. can i send back your isk for now since it didnt come with your acct name in the mail?

Edit: nvm i see what you did. you put the acct name in the reason box. mind sending back the money some time and ill initiate the transfer.

I put it in the reason of isk transfer, will send you an email now to.
Edit, sent again :).

kk thank you. sorry for my incompetence. I just initiated the transfer to you. should take about a day. lmk if it doesn’t arrive or a problem on your end happens. the main i sent your isk to was Brian Kane Szymczak ingame. i dont wanna get in trouble with ccp or anything. cheers.

Char received, all good.
thank you!