11.7 Million SP Orca/Freighter and Blockade Runner Pilot

Selling my hauler/orca toon, SP is 11,730,435

Can fly Tech 2 haulers, Prowler and Mastodon,
Can fly Minmitar freighter Fenrir

Can also fly orca with decent boosting and mining/ice mining drone skills.

In amarr and NPC corp with positive wallet and 0.0 Security Status


Looking for 10.5 B/O

Confirming i am for sale

10 Bill if someone buys today

to the top


8.5b offered

to low, looking for more

to the top

When are you online? I offer 10bil if your 10b offer is still available

If you accept 10B offer, contact Stjarna Vattenodla or HassanOne Stjarna. anyway, HassanOne Stjarna will send isk and receive the character.

Willing to buy for 10.5B

Edit: Retracted Bid


Getting on within the next 30minutes

I will accept 10.5 bill I can do transfer now, im only on for 30 minutes tho

money sent. thanks for .5 discount

Transfer Started

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