110M+ for office rental in NPC 0.0 for 6 months in a row. Are CCP trying to depopulate NPC 0.0?

My corp (not part of any alliance blob) has a couple of offices in NPC space - Great Wildlands and Stain for historical reasons. We have no structures and casual gameplay of about 8-10 hours a week. We do not have moons (all taken by the aforementioned alliance blobs) so little access to revenue.
We have had office bills in the Thukker Mix offoce of M-M in Great Wildlands of over 100M for the last 6 months. There are 7 free offoces. Frankly Great Wildlands is a backwater with the occasional loony, few Russians and a tumbleweed. I can only assume CCP wants to depopulate NPC 0.0. What do you think?

Hows the system index look?

Half the time I use the “free office” trick, but its limited utility may not work for yourself.

The rental fees are based on office occupation. If all offices are taken, the rental fee goes up and up. That has always been the case and is actually a good system because it dries out dead corps’ wallets. If there are free office slots, the price should come down again over time. Not sure if it is on a weekly basis or month over month, though.

110M is not a lot. Jita has had office rental fees in the billions and some locations in Stain (back when I was there many years ago) had fees from 400M up.


Well Stain has corps “renting” moons. I see the point about dead corps. 0.0 is unattractive for most players anyway, for me not having an office is just another nail in the coffin.

Why not rent in Low or HiSec? My friend rents an office in HiSec for 30,000isk a month. I mean, do you absolutely have to have your office in Null? Can’t you have your HQ in a nearby constellation that has Low/Hisec systems or are you so deep in Null that the travel would be a chore?
I think if a corporation cannot afford a POS then it shouldn’t exist, just like the argument that if you can’t defend your POS you shouldn’t have one.

Whatever you say now does not matter.

OP is pretty clear that he wants CCP to interject because other players made something more expensive.


No, my rent in Syndicate went from 60 Mil to 200 K, one of my stations in hisec, went from 20 Mil to 80 Mil. So no, CCP don’t wan’t to whatever you think. Jeezz, everyone see conspiracies everywhere.


Like that’s gonna happen :sweat_smile:

In that case you should send me your stuff :smile:

I’m not worried Stain is getting a gate! Will make all the difference.

Maybe CCP is specifically targeting him personally. :wink:


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Oh, this kind of guy…

Look I agree with OP. First, the rent is too damn high. Second, you can’t defend structures. Third, being one of the few dinosaurs who still knows how to set up and run a s%$%star pos, can’t because the fuel is outrageous. Basically nothing to do anymore, can’t mine, can’t pve officer rats with no belts, just cant have s^#% in EVE anymore.

Only way a poor man can have a base anymore is orca with improved cloak then wander around bumming jetcan loads of missiles from kindly natives cause the rats dont drop enough loot to reprocess and make your own anymore which you can’t do anyway because ammo arrays are part of POSes which are run with fuel that costs so much you have to choose between your kids playing soccer and buying plex to trade 1/1 for fuel blocks. Damned had enough.

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Time to move to poor sec…high sec and join the rest of the space hobos like me.

You have two options. Move out or convince the other office owners that having a base in the same station as you is not worth it.

Sounds like you’re leaving. Can I have your stuff?:smiley:

If your corp is not able to pay those kind of fees you won’t be able to handle an Orca loss. Just use corp contracts if you can’t afford the rent.

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