Wtf corp office rentals in perimeter

Rent in Perimeter, at an NPC station, spiked to over 210 mil, last I checked.

I paid my rent up front, like everyone else. We don’t pay in arrears. When we stop paying, we have to move out. Well and good. Keep in mind there’s no debt there.

The NPC station (aka CCP) now holds my assets hostage.

But I missed paying, because the increase in price ate up my rent division balance, and now I have to pay half the rent to get my stuff?

Per support staff, it’s all part of the sandbox, within the mechanics, etc.

■■■■■■■■. There’s no counter for this. I can’t wardec someone and obliterate them. I can’t infiltrate and steal my stuff back. I can’t trade or negotiate or even beg (well I tried that but it didn’t work). It’s ■■■■■■■ concorde! Every fair pvp interaction has a counter. This is a case of players using NPC station mechanics to squeeze out the small fries.

Where’s the court system? I wanna sue somebody. That’s what I’d do in real life if my landlord stole my household goods when I didn’t owe them money.

As it is, It’s ■■■■■■■ theft. Since it’s in the billions, I call it grand theft.

There should be a cap on the impound fee. 50% of the rent or 10 million isk, whichever is less.

So yeah, I’m mad. I have to choose to pay a stupid tax, or walk away. I’m ready to hang it up. Been playing most of the last 17 years, but this may be the last straw.

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Go to Jita and check the prices there. :joy:

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I have to choose to pay a stupid tax, or walk away

holy hsit you are going to HATE real life

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Problem isn’t the price, it’s the change in price.

Paying 100m to retrieve billions of assets seems like an easy decision to me…


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