PSA: get your stuff out of Perimeter

It’s about market manipulation. We’re all aware of the big players manipulating the player market. Well they’ve expanded their area of influence to warping, distorting, manipulating the corp office system.

So if you rent all the open offices in a station and then repeatedly abandon and re-rent one, it drives the price up. The rent for my station office in perimeter skyrocketed to 200 mil a month. This increases the overhead on my operations significantly, so I am fortunate that my rent division was down below that when the bill came due. Problem is real life kept me away for a week and I come back to find there’s billions in assets that are impounded.

CCP says it’s all good, sandbox, blah blah. And it’s true the page on corporate offices says there’s no upper limit. That’s fine.

Charging half of the rent to get your stuff back…that’s not right, not fair. The main reason I feel that the fee is unfair is that we pay rent AHEAD, not in arears. IRL, if you get evicted, the landlord cannot keep your stuff, or hold it hostage for half the future rent. They don’t allow you to move your stuff out, but they move it out (to the curb where if you don’t pick it up it goes to the dump).

I think there should be a cap on the fee to reclaim impounded stuff. 50% of the rent or 10 million isk, whichever is lower.

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The fee to reclaim impounded stuff should always be 50% of the previos month’s rent.

As yes, the good ol’ “but in real life” argument. I’m sure that one has never been tried before, and will certainly be a convincing one. :roll_eyes:

Sounds like you need to find a better space job and stop being poor.

It’s like living 1 street away from the most luxurious place in a country and then complaining that rent/property values have skyrocketed. With TTT being removed, which housed a lot of corp offices, it makes sense people would spread to the stations, driving the rent prices up. So regardless if it’s manipulation or not, it was going to happen.


That makes sense.

The impound fee is wrong. Rapid change in office rent caused me to have to pay a stupid amount to get my assets out. There should be a cap.

I have no problem with the price rising, the problem is the fee to get back impounded assets.

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