Rejoined the game to learn all my stuff is lost

Correct me if I am wrong. I want my stuff back.

After a couple of years of not playing this game, I learned that they had added PVE elements that weren’t hidden PVP loops. I was excited and so I quickly signed up for the 3 months omega.

Boy, was I surprised to learn that the PVE elements added took 86% of my inventory located at my main station and locked it away?

Your kidding? No, I actually mean that.
You have to farm rep to get access to your stuff.
How can I farm rep? Didn’t you lock all of my stuff?

Oooo, you want me to buy more plex to replace the stuff you locked away.
Then I could farm the rep to get access to my things?
Are you serious, if I wanted to grind rep I will go play World of Warcraft.

The fact that you locked away stuff that was bought with plex over the years is literally the same as stealing.

CPP: You should have been reading the patch notes

ME: I should have read the patch notes? Nah, you should of move my stuff to a new station. Then locked the system and added the PVP loops within PVE you love so much.

CCP: No no that won’t work, unless we take your stuff you won’t suffer losses
Which means you won’t want to play in our new content.


I bought those items with my money and to force gameplay, your idea is to take stuff that already belongs to me and lock it behind rep farming and PVP?

All I know is if someone happens to start a go fund me for people who want their ■■■■ back.
Take all the money to use for lawyer fee’s


wut are you talking about?


If you talking about your stuff being in pochven, you can get in with a filament, available for cheap in Jita or other hub, you can go through most gates with no standing now (sadly), and you don’t need any standing to dock. There are even exit filaments for sale in stations as well. So you can evac your stuff or sell it to the locals and buy new stuff wherever you want. What’s the problem? Why should CCP not progress the game on the off chance someone who doesn’t even play might someday be angered about the change.


There’s plenty of ways to extract items from pochven using filaments, wormholes or hauling services. Getting the 0.01 required triglavian and edencom standing to be neutral to both only takes 10-20mins.

You don’t actually need to shoot anybody in PVP to retrieve them yourself, just use some street smarts to avoid getting killed by players and NPCs like everyone should use in Eve.

There’s no need to be salty, with a bit of calm consideration of the situation, you’ll actually find items in Pochven NPC stations don’t take much isk or time investment to retrieve (it’s comparable with getting stuff in and out of Thera). Plenty of people here can help you do so.

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For getting at your stuff to extract or sell you don’t even need that. Just avoid rats while doing whatever your doing. Use speed, cloak mwd trick, cloaky hauler, etc.

True, nonetheless I’d say for the low time investment killing a drone rat for the little standings gain is worth it for the boost in safety.

@Negi_Dragneel all your stuff belongs to CCP, not you. If the game shut down while you were gone, you’d be unable to claim any refunds


You are wrong. Terms of service, which everyone has to agree to before playing, says CCP owns every asset inside the game.

If they choose to ban you tomorrow and confiscate all your assets, it is in their right. Because you agreed to it.

So it is not “your” stuff. It is “ccps” stuff.

If its been a couple years, your standing should be 0 and you will be able to access the stations, no problem.

No its not.

Same as if you had stuff in nullsec and you found out the station you kept your stuff in no longer belonged to your alliance, as you were kicked for inactivity and you couldn’t access it.

Ccp didn’t steal it. Its still there. And you can still access it. Its just harder to access, because the game moved on without you. Its not ccps fault.

You literally came back because you heard about better content. So clearly they are making better content, enough for you to come back.


lol, good to know. I wont spend anymore money on a game that will just take my stuff.

You agreed to it…

No, I was tricked. I thought it was better content? Its actually more pvp loops hidden with in PVE?

Tell that to my Tier 3 ship’s and Billions of isk worth of lvl 2’s and 3’s. I guess since this action is general accepted by the community. SMH

again, you agreed to it…

Ownership of Software, System and Game

As between you and CCP, CCP is the sole and exclusive owner of the Software, System, Game and Game Content (as defined below). The Software, System, Game and all Game Content are protected by law governing copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary rights. CCP reserves all rights not expressly granted herein.

Rights to Certain Content

You have no interest in the value of your time spent playing the Game, for example, by the building up of the experience level of your character and the items your character accumulates during your time playing the Game. Your Account, and all attributes of your Account, including all corporations, actions, groups, titles and characters, and all objects, currency and items acquired, developed or delivered by or to characters as a result of play through your Accounts, are the sole and exclusive property of CCP, including any and all copyrights and intellectual property rights in or to any and all of the same, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.

So that thread about that guy whose ex wife claimed all his EVE in-game assets and so-called the judge ordered him to pay compensation equal to his EVE assets… that couldn’t have been true if all assets in-game belong to CCP, right?

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That’s if I do something against policy bruh go read it?
otherwise its stealing? the same as someone getting access to my account and holding my items.

Its like you think you rent plex or something

Sounds like as long as it stays PLEX it’s safe but once you sell PLEX and get isk then you’re up the creek without a paddle.

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Not even then. PLEX is counted as a currency, which once you purchase the in game item, becomes property of CCP.

Only in the event of CCP breaching the contract could he possibly get a refund, and no more than 3 months worth of game time…

Jeez… That’s good to know at least

They could of done this but choose not to.
That’s why this isn’t fair.

At least your stuff is still able to be retrieved.

think of the ones who had their stuff in the stations that were destroyed and looted because they didn’t have asset safety on the stations in abandoned mode.