Corp HQ Freebie Hangars?

Hi all, this is my first post. I was looking for a forum for submitting suggestions and found this page; I hope I’m in the right spot.

What if a corporation’s HQ served not just as a title of where it was founded, but as a corporation’s one, and only one, freebie office to locate corporate hangars, while any other offices thereafter have to be rented, subject to the current rental rules?

I was toying around with learning corporation mechanics, and it occurred to me that the so-called HQ, the heart of any corporation on paper, could have just one free set of the hangars based on the divisions like any other rented office, and every other subsequent office, implying the growth of the corporation, would have to use rentals along with the NPC 24-cap limit.

I know people use the HQs as a “label” and base their actual operations elsewhere so for all we know people would still use it to hide away and just store nothing in it anyway. But for people who aren’t expanding, or some other kind of niche reason for the corp like RPers, it would serve a place to have it. It’s also great for anyone who wants to learn and test how to set up the roles’ access to each hangar before going about renting more.

The only real downsides I can think of is whatever database management issues could get in the way; and that almost everyone would jump on board moving their HQ to a hisec trade hub and it would kill all reason to rent there with how crazy expensive and high-demand they can be. But maybe that can be offset with a price, like paying the current rent rate for transferring the HQ there if you even want it to be there.

There are offices that rent for 10,000 a month.

That is as close to free is we need to be.

Renting office in Jita 4-4 cost over 2 bil month. Making it free is bad idea.

Outside places where this will abused, prices for office are extremely low. So this change would have zero impact.



this is a bad idea…

for one it can be gamed easily with any number of alts and then there are no offices left in a targeted npc station.

there has to be cost.


You have indeed posted on the right place.

Welcome to FANDI.

Regarding the idea, @Lis_Torin is right. Some offices are in high demand, or some structure owners deliberately put higher prices for offices. This idea would undermine that and probably reduce a significant isk sink to boot.

The vast majority of my own office fees are in a single office.

You get free offices in any structure you own though. :slight_smile:

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What @Lis_Torin said. You can get dirt cheap corp offices all over the place. Even places very close to the trade hubs. $10k a month is certainly cheap enough even if you are just “playing around”

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