How do i make Corp hangers

So I am a noobie and a corp ceo and i don’t know how to make corp hangers someone help me please

You have to be part of a corp. And rent an office in a station or structure.

You need roles for this. If you have the appropriate role, you can go to a station or structure, look in the panel on the right, and click on offices. if there’s an empty slot, you can rent it.

Alright thanks a lot

Offices arent free, but unless you want office in Jita or some other hub you should have no big problems.

When you set up your corp, you configure several divisions for it (and several wallet divisions). The wallet divisions appear as tabs in the corp wallet, and the (regular) divisions will appear as corporate hangars at all the stations where your corp is renting an office. So you rent offices in various stations (Jita, Dodixie, etc.) and the corp hangars will appear at those stations.

As far as roles, when you give someone access to a division you give them access to that hangar in ALL the stations.

You should make an alt or two (free alpha) and join them to the corp, give them roles (regular member, director, etc) and then log in with them to see what they have access to. That way you can test the security / setup before you open it to other people.

You should also consider making the CEO an alt. Make your main a director, for full access. This way, if you find a better player corp out there, you can join your main character to it, and your CEO will keep your personal corp (and corp name) on ice / reserved / still functioning. The CEO skills only take a few hours to train on an alt, so it’s relatively easy to set up.

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yeah I think I’m gonna rent a office in the system we mine in, the prices are insane to

What sort of price you looking at for rent? isk is relatve

I already bought a office :stuck_out_tongue: and I get about 1Mil isk per venture dump where i bought it

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