Renting out space in Solitude for rent

Our alliance recently took down a rival alliance near us in Syndicate. We’ve decided to rent out their former space at a discount rate. It’s a dead end system, 30 moons, 9 planets, ice mining available. We’ll provide shipping service and defense. 3b/month, 3b deposit. Great opportunity for a new corp just making its first jump to null.

Im confused. Solitutde is NPC lowsec, is it not?

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Oh baby what is you doing

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I’ll just come anchor down a few astras and live there for free lmbo

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My bad, its in syndicate. I had solitude on the brain

For 6 bil you can rent an upgradeable system and not have a care in the world in a sov area

We’re willing to entertain other offers.

Solitude is also NPC nullsec, is it not? How do you rent it out when anyone can just come in?

Also you are in scope, an NPC corp.

Everything about your post is NPC this and NPC that.

I dont trust you. You seem like an NPC.


In truth Benjamin_Karate is in fact an NPC himself.

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