Renting out space in Solitude for rent

(Benjamin Karate) #1

Our alliance recently took down a rival alliance near us in Syndicate. We’ve decided to rent out their former space at a discount rate. It’s a dead end system, 30 moons, 9 planets, ice mining available. We’ll provide shipping service and defense. 3b/month, 3b deposit. Great opportunity for a new corp just making its first jump to null.

(Solonius Rex) #2

Im confused. Solitutde is NPC lowsec, is it not?

(Roggle) #3

Oh baby what is you doing

(Havoc Ambramotte) #4

I’ll just come anchor down a few astras and live there for free lmbo

(Benjamin Karate) #5

My bad, its in syndicate. I had solitude on the brain

(Dark Engraver) #6

For 6 bil you can rent an upgradeable system and not have a care in the world in a sov area

(Benjamin Karate) #7

We’re willing to entertain other offers.

(Solonius Rex) #8

Solitude is also NPC nullsec, is it not? How do you rent it out when anyone can just come in?

(Solonius Rex) #9

Also you are in scope, an NPC corp.

Everything about your post is NPC this and NPC that.

I dont trust you. You seem like an NPC.

(Myth Darkbane) #10

In truth Benjamin_Karate is in fact an NPC himself.

(system) #11

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