111m PVP/Links/Indy/Rorq Toon

Well rounded toon with 111m SP spread across Indy and PVP areas.

Has been used in T3 production. Close to perfect Marauder Toon (Paladin). Rorq Toon

Currently sitting in +5s and has a couple of other pods as well. Mid-Grade Amulets, partial Crystal Set

Positive Wallet, no kill rights and currently sitting in Jita 4-4

Offers below extraction value will be ignored

Current Extraction Value is roughly 64B

EDIT : Just been looking at prices of extractors and injectors. Current extraction value is actually now 74B. Profit is 351m per injector.

Friendly start by 52b


Still available

Thanks but too low. No point in paying £17 to CCP to transfer this when I can just extract it and not pay that money.

Thanks but I looked at current prices at Jita and the profit per injector is now 350m. This means I can make 74B extracting this toon.

Lack of interest in this toon means I will probably end up extracting it. I’m very open to any offers though that are better than me doing that. I’m not going to sell it at a loss when I don’t have to though.

franly it is 310m per 50m sp,which makes your char real pure price is arond 66b,you could not just use sell price for that,just be clear

I’ve checked prices at Jita and it is 350m.

Just to be clear, I can do whatever I want for the sell price. I only have to sell if I want to and I won’t sell unless I am happy with the price. I’m not being difficult, I’m just not willing to sell this toon for less than I can make extracting it.

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