Price check on Rorqual Toon

PC on this toon please

I can offer 5B

7 bil

Thanks but extraction alone is nearly 10B so I am looking for decent ideas on price not just random buyout offers on a toon that isn’t for sale yet.

if you can show me the math how you can get 10bil from this pilot if you would to extract it, then i will pay 11 bil to buy it. show me the math, i promise i will buy it for 11 bil.

emm, I look through the skill board carefully. I offer 9.5 bills now

the math came from the eveboard calculator saying what the extraction price would fetch if extracted…

On my screen it showed 9.87 billion, its now shoting under 9B zzz anyway ill think about it… or might just continue training it.

wtf you mean it shows 9B for you? it shows 8.4B for me. again, not just your math was off but you also need to get your eyes checked :slight_smile:

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