WTS Cool Rorqual + Dread Pilot 46.5M SP [Closed]

Starting price 30B
BO 40


  • JDC V
  • T2 Guns
  • T2 Siege


  • Industrial Reconfiguration V
  • Invulnerability Core Operation V

24b ready

25b is what I can do

25,5 B ready now


26b last offer


Thanks, guys! Start from 30.

You won’t get more than it’s worth in extractors. Offer stands for 24H. 26.5 Bil

I know.
Sometimes someone needs an rorq/dred pilot too. And it’s the best choice - to buy a character, not skill injectors.

daily bump

daily bump

The buyout price is 33% higher than the starting bid meaning you aren’t sure of the proper price of the toon yourself, the toon’s KB is really bad, the SP is wildly allocated as I can’t think of anyone who wants to hotdrop revs then mine spod, and you also don’t seem to be getting any interest outside of extractor price.
I’m worried about liquidating my assets/market positions to put in a bid for this toon if you’re going to reject the offer and let this post sit for months waiting for a price you aren’t going to get.
Can you just tell us what price you’re actually looking for please, as I assume you wouldn’t actually sell the toon at the starting bid price, even if it was the only offer you had.

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for 46,5 kk sp min 30 kkk isk
If you need rorq or dread toon, i can extract not important skills. Price will be cheaper.
As for rorq pilot skills are very good: JDC V, Industrial Reconfiguration V, Invulnerability Core Operation V, drones. Yes, kb is bad. But for rorq toon is not important.

daily bump

daily bump

Can’t really afford to keep so much isk liquid, so will have to take the offer down shortly.
Won’t go higher than 30bil due to how messy the SP allocation is and due to how cheap SP is about to be due to the dev blog that came out today, ontop of the 2 for 1 skill extractor deal.

well try 28b but only hold for 24h


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