19 mil sp fresh clean 17yr old toon

Evie says 18.6mil but have over 19 mil actual sp’s
wallet balance 0
no kill rights
high sec jump clones
Character in NPC corp entire 17 years and docked in high sec space
Abyssal pilot, near perfect skills for gila - main focus
extractor value is over 21 bil (27 extractors at 800mil) not counting the base 5.5 mil sp’s
has several implants (+3) and several hardwired as well
will entertain offers over 16 bil
thank you for your time

  1. You’re calculating extraction value wrong. You have to subtract the ISK cost of the extractor from the ISK value of the injector. So your extraction value is more in the line of 8b if you toss in fees and taxes etc.

  2. 16b will get you characters with over 25m SP.

Just a heads up and I guess a free bump.

it will cost me 135 dollars for 30 extractors
sell them on the market, i make even at 750m each = 22.5 bil isk
buying 6000 plex is 239.00 approx 23 bil isk
selling the account for isk cost me 20 usd.
so i save roughly 100 usd by buying extractors and selling on market.

if i sell the account for 8 bil, i lose 2 bil (20 usd) so i get a net of 6 bil for the character.
thats roughly 1500 plex or 65 usd. for another 65 usd i get three times the isk and save the 20 usd transfer fee.
in other words i save 100 usd by buying extracters and selling on market. get 22+ bil isk for half the cost.
why would I spend 20 usd to get 6 bil isk and give up a character. i can literally buy 2bil + for the 20 bucks.

anyway all i am saying is whatever a buyers motivation, that is up to them, but the value of a character is not limited to what a buyer can tear apart and get for it. i would never sell my car for what a junkyard can get for the parts. the car is worth more than the parts, usually.
what would it cost you to buy and inject 19 mil sp’s? around 40 bil or more. so why would anyone think they should get something that cost 40 bil for 8 bil?

also this toon is almost 18 years old with a PERFECT employment history, decent name and almost ZERO sp’s wasted. it doesn’t get much cleaner than this.

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Yea I think you could prob get 15.5 or 16 good luck dope.

i would consider less than 16 bil obviously, i had to start somewhere and why would i want to low ball myself. But i appreciate the link, i may not get 16 bil but i shouldn’t get that much less, if i am understanding your post.

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Yip, just trying to help you not get scammed. But seems your logic is sound already.

much thanks

It would actually take 45 injectors for 19 mil sp. Fyi

35 extractors is what you’d need to extract down to 5 mil sp from 19

Extractors are going for 500 mil in jita

not sure i understand your point here Geo. 45 injectors @ 900 mil each = 40.5 bil isk for 19 mil sp.
which is basically what I said, to make this char it would cost someone 40 bil.

I was counting the 10 @500k and 35 @400k. Some people dont take the diminishing returns into the equation

I am willing to take 12 bil today only, if no 12b offer happens i will delete sale.

Please delete this sale, thank you

Closed due request of the OP.