114m SP looking to start learning how to play the game (WH preferred)

My first post here was klnda meh.

I would like to actually learn how to play eve. I wanna print isk and kill people.

My availability to play is a bit unreliable because of “adulting” and RL.

I’m looking for a c5/c6 with fairly flexible requirements where I can learn to print isk and kill people.

3 toons, 114m, 110m, and 90m, with associated support alts

You Are Welcome With us :grinning:

You’re more than welcome to stop by for a chat in our discord. We’d be happy to have you and your story is similar to ours :slight_smile:

We are starting a brand new HS Corp. focused on building a tight group that can fly a variety of different roles… While we build that group we will focus on harvesting WH resources flying 2 or 3 nights a week USTZ in corp provided ships for a wage. Corp buy back on most everything you harvest on your own time discounts on in house builds. We are looking for miners (gas is key) scanners and combat pilots.
The rest of the week we do w/e. casual play no fleets are required. I want you to log in cause you are excited to do something… If Your interested drop by our in game chat PR-UN. hope to hear from you
Fly safe

Click here for fun.

We have a WH and a bunch of nerds who “print isk” and if you want to learn how to PVP in null (blops and small gang, alliance ops) that’s what we do best. Pop in and have a chat.

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