[119.8] Moon Scanning UI update & Structure improvements from Team Five 0

Greetings Tenacious Testers!

Team Five 0 have some more changes coming to you in our next release. We’d highly appreciate it if anyone interested in the changes please go try them out on our test server Singularity, let us know what you think and submit bug reports for any problems that occur.

Moon Scanning

As we explained in our recent Dev Blog, the Moon Analysis window has received a face-lift in preparation for the revamped moon mining that will arrive this winter.

  • The top section of the window now displays the remaining time for each of your probes with the moon they are attempting to scan. If you have missed the moon entirely then the destination column will show as “Unknown”, clearly indicating that a new probe will need to be launched to obtain the correct results.
  • The lower section displays the compositions of the moons once the scans complete in a more modern and aesthetically pleasing format.
  • A copy to clipboard button has been added to allow you to copy the data out of the game for later use.
  • Tweaks are being made to both the survey probes and launchers, more details to follow.

Upwell Structures

  • When deploying an Upwell Structure, the lights that indicate the undocking lanes will now be shown in the blue/red hologram, to make orienting the structure easier.
  • Corporate insurance is now available in Upwell Structures, and can be done through the normal method (Placing a ship in a corp hangar and using the right click options.)
  • Anyone who has the ability to take control of a structure can now add fuel to the structures fuel bay (Note: They still cannot remove fuel without the appropriate corporate role).
  • This release will also include significant changes to Structure Guided Void Bombs as well as some other structure weapon tweaks. These changes are detailed in our latest Dev Blog.

Little Things

  • The “Unfit Weapons” and “Clear Weapon Group” message windows are now suppressible.
  • There’s now a confirmation box when closing the compose mail window.
  • The “Unplug Implant” confirmation window now includes the name of the implant you are unplugging.

Happy testing!

CCP Lebowski for Team Five 0

Oh hell yes

I’m going to need to see what actually changed on sisi before I can say if the system has changed in any meaningful way.

The big issues with moon probing was never really the layout of the information. Though that copy to clipboard will be a godsend so thank you for that!

The primary problems making it so horrible to use has always been:
(note: I’m saying this before hoping on sisi so I appologize if these things have already been improved upon)

  1. Probe time made worse by number of moons in system
    -Allow for system wide scans which return which moons even contain materials
    -Make probes return the detailed results much faster, not 5-30 minutes. Try seconds.

  2. Having to fly your ship at the moon before launching.
    -Select and fire or targets nearest celestial within X making you still warp to each moon.

  3. Size of probes made a problem due to the sheer number required to probe a region requiring a hauler to even do the scans, even then this requires multiple trips back and forth to pick up more probes.
    -Make them smaller

This would have been excellent 2 weeks ago when I anchored my corp’s Raitaru backwards by accident…

Corporate insurance is now available in Upwell Structures, and can be done through the normal method (Placing a ship in a corp hangar and using the right click options.)

How do I set up permissions for this ? What role enables members to insure a ship using corp money ?

Let’s just put a button in the station that exports a list of all the valuable moons in the region? That would save so much trouble.

CCP Lebowski, love your hard work.

Can we have the moon probes be a little futuristic?
Like a 1Mb save file for the corp while a moon has been scanned down?
Call it “The portfolio” or the “Hi-capacity” corp save.

Gives chance to infiltrate & steal other corps scan data & deploy a rogue player mining fleet in the correct position.

//Lexx & Daylight Ideas Inc.

If you launch a probe outside of the max range of the probe but in the right direction the probe UI will tell you the moon as destination but you will end up failing the scan. It will lock on even if you are several AU away. IMHO it would be better if it never locked on to the moon in the first place if it’s not in range.

Also not sure if this is intended:
I launched it at moon P3M1 while sitting at P3 as it was in range but the customs office was in the way, the UI said unknown but when it timed out I actually got a result but one that claimed to be from the customs office :slight_smile:

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Moongoo from PI confirmed

The new moon scanner window is a great improvement, thank you

Thank you

Thanks for the feedback so far everyone. I’ve updated to post to inlcude some extra QoL changes from CCP Karkur and a link to our recent dev blog.

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When these changes hit SISI, the first Survey Scan looked like this:

N-TFXK II - Moon 1
Arkonor 0.13369999826
Ytterbite 0.13369999826
Zircon 0.732599973679

now it looks like this:

3OAT-Q III - Moon 1
Bitumens 0.183328166604 45492 30002917 40185066 40185087
Extracted Arkonor 0.21211540699 46678 30002917 40185066 40185087
Extracted Gneiss 0.357442319393 46679 30002917 40185066 40185087
Extracted Spodumain 0.247114092112 46688 30002917 40185066 40185087

Is this last one going to be what hits Tranq? Been trying to build a site for moon data collection, and now that the data changed (and turned a few hours of code into uselessness), because I am trying to have something working in place once the new changes are live…

Actually, your code should still be usable with a little modification. In order, the information listed appears to be itemName, percentage, itemType, systemID, planetID, and moonID. Solar systems are 3xxxxxxx, planets and moons are 4xxxxxxxx. The planetID has in my experience always been a lower number than its moons. The 5-digit number looks like a new itemType. So looks like you have everything you need to setup a proper database entry for every moon. And ofc if you don’t want that stuff, you can just discard it.

Yea, my code will work, I just was wondering if it would be changed again before the changes go live… and if this will be the final form of data that is put into the clipboard

Could we get a clear all button or the ability to delete selected scans - having to delete one by one or log off is a little irritating.

I remember moon scanning years ago. I thought it was quite fun. Then after I scanned a dozen or so moons did i find out was simply repeating work that was already completed; because the moon contents never change and as long as the contents were published, there was no reason to scan more than I had already done.

Question: Will moon contents very over time? Should I just wait till Dotlan gets updated with the new content list like it has now and save my time for other things?

Now this is an interesting point. How much accurate data will Wollari import? EVEMAPS is not an automatic import type of thing. There is no API for moon contents. There were even rumors of inaccurate data being posted at the behest of moon owners. I’m very interested to see how his posted results match what we end up scanning.