11m SP Prober/Cyno V

Born 2012

Cyno V

Cybernetics V

Astrometrics V

Decent core skills, three remaps and no corp history.

11B. Will do the standard transfer so no waiting on a petition.

Positive wallet and set of basic implants.

Skill sheet.

eveskillboard please

My bad.


Hi, I’d like to offer 7.5b

Thank you, but no. 10B is the lowest I will let it go for.

Okay, let me know if you change your mind.

no longer interested

Bump, will sell for 10B.

cant give you more than 6b for this i will have to inject into loki


how far is it from using loki?

Just under 1.6m SP. He has three remaps

well i can go up to 7b

Being that I turned down 8, I’m unlikely to go for 7. Thank you for your interest, good luck finding what you’re looking for.

6.5 bil

if you want to sell it you need to extract some useless skills and i will buy it when its focused

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