120m+ Sp toon looking

LF a WH Corp in the U.S timezone. C3 or C4 static is what I’m after. I wanna log in on a Friday and relax with a group. Make some isk and then piss it all away in a fight.


Please have active members during a friday night and enjoy pvp. No raging fools about a KB.

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Still looking (bump)

I mean, its not technically wormholes but it is pvp ;p

Send me a convo I might also be able to find you some stuff ;p

We are a newly formed PVP corp comprised of some of the top PVPers in the game. We focus on small gang PVP and honing our skills. We have NO BLUES and will NEVER have blues. Everyone is fair game to shoot. No stupid rules or requirements other than please be active and pvp. We live in a C2 with a 0.0/c5 static so we can roll into new null connections for PVP when we want, and there is TONS of isk making opportunity in the C5. (more isk than super ratting) Hit us up on discord to learn more.

Bump still looking

Sent a deeper in depth mail to you ingame.

Dead Start Syndicate recruitment post

TLDR Relaxed USTZ C6 corp with C5 static, pvp focused all around group of mistfits who wants to add a few more to our ranks.

Hello @DrunkenSpudz ,

We are a super ACTIVE WH Corp/Alliance and would love to show you around. If you get a chance, stop by and take a closer look as to who and what we are in space…

Hope to see ya in space,
Mr Glaser

WHSOC Exeuctive Council

Hi @DrunkenSpudz,

Omnivores of Mediocrity live in a C4 > 3/5. Reasonable USTZ, Friday nights usually have both our EU and US TZ active.

If you are interested, have a chat with one of our recruiters:

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