125 Mill SP Combat Pilot (mostly Cap Wyvern/Aeon) SOLD


Yes i know he does not have all the cool skills now the toon has been inactive for over a year, but this toon gives you an amazing base for literally about any cap in game outside the ones it can fly.

Also would make a very good main pilot for someone wanting to step up into some bigger ships.

Buyout of a 120 bill

lets start bidding at 95 bill and see what happens, not in a hurry, so not losing isk but i dont want to drag out bidding for weeks… make a good offer and who knows :slight_smile:

108 bil

bump :heart_eyes:

Market conditions dictate that I revise my bid: 104 bil

Bump still for sale

102 bil. It’s a market thing…

lets check the market now,

Confirming 102 billion

105 Bil

You are missing alot of information required by the character bazaar rules. You are not allowed to sell your character unless you provide all of the information.

  1. Wallet balance.
    positive isk

  2. Kill rights
    no kills rights

  3. Jump clones
    all high sec

  4. Character location.
    high sec

man dont want the character bazaar police showing up in a navy comet at my door

Make no mistake: they have police skinned Kronos’ aswell now.

Bump lets see how the market is now days

110b buyout.

112 bil

i accept Maizie buyout for 112 billion. Thanks for all the bids!

I’ll do 112.5 right now if not already transferred.

113 bil