128M SP - Titan and super pilote plus many things : AMRA

  1. positive sec status
  2. no kill rights
  3. docked in jita
  4. no implant set
  5. A lot of expensiv skins for more detailes please MP https://i.imgur.com/eESPmx1.png

She fly avatarr, supers, fighter 5 and a lot of other skills…

Price : 150b to negociate.

80b offer

I know you, I won a carrier you sold with Amra when hypernet market released, I talked with you, you can increase the price.

He pays extraction value for characters, some people want that for convenience. So don’t expect a higher offer just because @Legit_Salesgirl has phat stacks of isk

How about following the rules and post with character you selling

You can close this thread.