131M SP Focused Sub-Cap PvP (Marauders, T3 Cruisers, Black Ops, EDENCOM, Precursor)

All rules observed. Character is in Jita 4-4. Positive wallet and standing.

Can fly Marauders, Black Ops, T3 Cruisers, EDENCOM and Precursor ships. Caldari and Amarr Battleships are at 5/5, Gallente and Minmatar are at 4/5. Marauders and Black Ops are both at 5/5. A few months of training and this character will have 5/5 in every sub-cap ship, with associated skills and specializations (most specializations are at 4/5 right now).

Edit: Not sure if it’s just me, but the new skillboard seems to not list skills very well. So i’ll do a quick breakdown in case you can’t see the skills this character has.

All sub-cap PvP ships at lvl 5, other than Command Ships, Gallente Battleships and Minmatar Battleships, which are at lvl 4. Triglavian ships are at lvl 5, up to Battleship, which is at lvl 4. EDENCOM Frigate and Cruiser are at lvl 5. Flag Cruisers are not trained yet.

All weapon skills needed for all those ships are at lvl 5, other than specializations, which are at lvl 4.*

Armor/Shield skills are at lvl 5. Other core skills are at lvl 5. Scanning skills are at lvl 5.*

*If you expect the skill to be used, it’s at lvl 5, other than skills currently in the skill queue, which is strangely viewable even if skills are not.

Really fun character for doing anything not in a capital ship. Just not playing this character anymore and want to liquidate another subscription (like everyone else).

Also has 1.7M unused SP and 3 jump clones. One of them has a full mid-grade crystal set.

SB: 100B

70B isk

71B bid

85b offer

Thanks for the offers. I’m busy for the rest of the night but i’ll get back to everyone in about 24hrs, when i’m back.

Going to hold out on selling until I get what I’m asking. I’ll just keep running it semi-afk farming until the sub gets close to running out and see where we are at.

Also the skillboard seems to be working again if you wanted to see skills. It bugs out every now and then, showing no skills.

Private offer for 95 billion, giving this 24 hours and then i’ll make a decision.

I was contacted today with an offer for 97b, then 100b if I sold immediately. I declined, but told them if nothing happens in 24hrs i 'd likely accept. Giving this 24hrs to see what happens.

Busy weekend, so back at it.


97b offer

Accepted, i’ll start the transfer when I receive the isk.

isk sent, account information has been sent to you in the email, please check your PM.

Received and transfer has been started. Have fun with it!

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