134m female toon for sale

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lucy0 (PW abc123)

Subcap toon, although it has Gallente Dread V

134m SP with 4.152.000 SP unallocated

  • Char currently in a lowsec NPC station
  • Wallet balance is 0
  • No active kill rights
  • Several Jump clones with implants in or near HighSec (see EVE skillboard link for details)

Starting bid is 100b
b/o 130b

I don’t log this toon in very often, so please be patient if you’re bidding ingame.

95bill isk ready

98b :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


105 B

Thank you for your offer. But I want to give others the opportunity to bid before deciding.

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108 Bil

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110b thank you

Apologies @Billie-Dev. 110b are acceptable. If your offer is still valid, please send ISK and account name ingame.

isk sent
slot is open and ready

ISK received, initiating transfer, thank you!