15 peculiar Icelandic phrases

Since the forums are in English, but we still have a hard time communicating with CCP it seems, I found this to help translate for us! Maybe now they will understand the points were trying to get across to them. :wink:


I will find you at a beach and take you to the bakery, you Latte-drinking wool scarf.


I never knew before, but I don’t walk whole to the forest. I swear I used to, but not now.

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Great resource - thanks for the link. May prove helpful in parsing roadmaps and dev blogs!

It’s ok, no one becomes a bishop without a beating.


Ha! Everyone knows that last one. That’s all people in “big” cities do.

It will be nice to someone tell all that to CCP …

Damn and here I was saying stuff like “what it is?” and “can I get a witness?” and “ask favor making fewer THE RACISM!!” thinking they’d understand me better

Everyone earn his Fame on his own way

That’s the raisin at the end of the hot dog. Isn’t everything OK at home?

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