154m sp cap pilot

No kill rights, possitive wallet, npc corp, char in jita, ready for transfer
115b start bid
130b bo

Start bid abd bo reduced for 2b)



I’ll do 117, or you can check my in game bid from when you posted this character :slight_smile:


120, same as in game

120 accepted waiting isk

isk and account name sent

if he drops offer I’ll do 121b

you sold too soon… you had an obvious bid war happening here

no sorry I already got isk.
but thx for your offer

I don’t think that extra 5-10 bill can change my life)

you could have pulled the SP out in injectors and made more isk than you sold it for. you had potentially 300 injectors worth equal to 240bil at a cost of 114b worth of extractors giving you 126b profit - 1% market tax = 124b final value

and you would still have your character

Mail sent in game regarding transfer, if you could please read it

Edit: Hopefully you read it/will read it soon. It’s coming close to a week and I haven’t heard anything

It’s been a week, I’ve had no choice but to file my own ticket. Good luck

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