159m/120m/90m Industrialist LF Null-Sec (Sov) Corp

Returning player with three mains plus alts: 159m/120m/90m - perfect refining, production, trade, plus 3xJF/2xRorqual/Dread/Carrier, personal library of 700+ 10/10 BPOs, 100+ research slots, 50+ manufacturing slots, 500+ contract slots, former corp CEO, former Industrial Director, former 50+ ship mining Fleet Commander, RL diplomat and international logistician running refugee camps and negotiating peace treaties, fully house-trained friendly adult with good references. Just want to be a reliable, low-maintenance, value-add’ing player now with a good group.

Looking for a large-scale industrial wing in a well-established corp, and bonus points for:

  • ‘Northwest’ quarter, preferably
  • 50+ player (human) members, including EU TZ
  • Sov/upgrades over/in multiple systems, not rental
  • Access to -0.7 security status systems (or lower, preferably)
  • Access/Supplier to Regional Market
  • Access to moons/extractions (within Corp policies of course)
  • Corp infrastructure (JF service, buyback, T2 research/industry modules…)

Understand that many Corps will have expectations about PvP and am happy to contribute however I can, but I’m not a hunter-killer (clearly, feel free to laugh at my killboard). Glad to get better as a scout, and join in to cloak/bomb, cyno infiltrate, or black ops bridge/fleet, but you’d be smarter to wield me to add to your already-terrifying capability to build supply-lines of capitals, citadels, and doctrine ships by the hundreds for you all to throw madly at your enemies.

Ping me if you want sight of my mains/skills/stats on eveskillboard.com or to have a chat. Needless to say, will be glad to apply properly through your normal process and channels, and provide SeAT access to characters.

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Hi there, I’m Winter Alabel, Recruiting Officer for Bad Vibe. You sound like an amazing fit for us. We are a close-knit corporation of friends in Triumvirate, living in Etherium Reach. We have great infrastructure and source to raw materials that would fufill you to your hearts desire. Check us out there and feel free to send me an evemail to Winter Alabel or find me on discord: Winter Alabel#9421

I think we might be a very good fit for one another why don’t you give us a look and message me with any further questions you might have

Freyja Syndicate is a well established corp within the INIT. Family living in Fountain. We strive for excellence, pushing ourselves to be INIT’s finest in all fields, whilst still maintaining a “do what you want” atmosphere. Fun is our primary objective, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver it.
Whether you want to be an ace PVPer or a tycoon of industry, FREAS has the ability to make it happen.

What we offer:

  • Small gang roams, camps, blops, and other misguided shenanigans
  • Medium to Large scale Alliance warfare
  • Frequent capital usage (We don’t like any of our ships to collect dust)
  • SRP for lost ships in battle
  • Endless isk making oppurtunities such as:
    • Access to bountiful and secure ratting space
    • multiple high quality moons
    • Vast array of production centers, as well as a fully stocked market hub suitable for all of your needs
  • Highly knowledgeable player-base, learn from some of the most experienced players out there and pass on your space knowledge to the next generation of capsuleers

EVE Online - Freyja Syndicate Recruiting Now

What we expect from prospective members:

  • Attitude - strive to be a contributing member, we aren’t interested in players looking for a free pass. We expect you to be willing to train into doctrines and be willing to show up to the best of your ability when called upon
  • Adaptability - We expect you to be able to handle yourself reasonably when things dont go as planned and when faced with adversity
  • Activity - We understand the RL always comes first but we pride ourselves on our community and want you to be a part of it

If we sound like a solid fit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We can be reached via the following:

  • Our public channel, FREAS.Public
  • Gabriel Liebmeister (US) or Kainda Aulx-Gao (EU) in game!
  • Join our discord:


Join the Freyja Syndicate Discord Server!

Check out the Freyja Syndicate community on Discord - hang out with 47 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.


Freyja Syndicate | Corporation

Freyja Syndicate: 14,024 ships destroyed and 2,427 ships lost.


Hey I only just read your post but know we have spoken already so take a free bump


We are in the south but it is rather safe space for indy, we are pvp focused but are looking to expand our indy team. Stop by and have a chat, we might be the right fit for oyu.

Hi there

We are a null sec corp under the imperium we have our own moons and something else (i will explane when you contact me)
we do have expectations of small pvp but its very min.

we are called WCS we have quite a few indy guys in corp inc lots of bp’s and free JF service to corp members.

join our pub channel WCS-Pub



War Eagle Fleet is a proud member of the SLYCE Alliance, actively living and prospering in null sec alongside some fantastic allies. We are currently recruiting members who are eager to make lots of isk and get those dank frags. We are a group with some great PvP pilots, however we understand that this is not what EVE is all about, and we certainly are not elitists. It takes many hands to make a corporation tick, therefore we need builders, ratters, and everything in between. We will help anyone who wants to learn to PvP, but you need to enjoy the game and we give you the freedom to do that.

What we can offer you:

  • Corp/Alliance activity across the EUTZ and USTZ primarily
  • Discord and Teamspeak for communications and interaction
  • PvP fleets with some fantastic FC’s (large scale, medium scale, small gang, and solo opportunities)
  • Nullsec space with some of the most valuable ores, moon goo, PI, and ratting anomalies in EVE
  • Access to great local markets (with jump bridges for easy access)
  • The freedom to enjoy EVE as you see fit
  • Logistics network in place at great prices to move your things around
  • Low stress casual gameplay where EVE is seen as a game, not a job

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