15m sp Nightmare/Triglavian Pilot


T2 Large Energy Turrets
Caldari BS 4
Amarr BS 4

Good gunnery skills
Ready to fly with Warp to me incursions
Ready to fly leshak with The Ditanian Fleet

No Killrights
0 isk wallet
He is in an NPC corp
no jump clones
located in yulai station

first one to offer 16b gets him

confirming his sale thru me


8 bil

10bil which is already 2bil over extraction profit

and 6b under the buying price :slight_smile:

14bil isk ready

If you can do 15 i will begin the transfer :slight_smile:

you just said before 4bil below buy price

I typod, meant 15. 1b per million sp

15bil isk will come shortly along with mail for the account

okay awaiting isk

Isk sent and account details sent

transfer begun 07

ty ty

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