☾15m / T4-5 Gila Abyssal Pilot ✩ Drones / Missiles / Shields ✩


:airplane: High Sec Station
:airplane: No Kill Rights
:airplane: Isk Positive
:airplane: NPC Corp

Starting Bid: 9b
Buy Out: 13b

I will accept any suitable offers NOT below extraction value, so please, avoid those, and take into consideration I am also paying for the transfer fees.

Thanks for your time, selling cause I got tired of that content @7

2 bill

Scalping not working out for you lately ? <3

Willing to offer 7b for this one

8b is the skill extraction, another 3b is abt the transfer fees.
9b is the starting bid.

9Bil- offer

9.5 bil


Daily bump o7 auction will end end of sunday unless I see an offer I like, preferably closer to BO, ty

10.1 bil


13 B BO

@The_MadJack Please proceed with sending the isk and account name !

Isk and account name sent

Isk and Account Name received, proceeding to initiate capsule transfer.

Standing by, opened a ticket.

Thanks mate, keep me updated

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@The_MadJack will do brother. I tried from another account, it seems that the service is down for now, but awaiting official reply.

Ye it’s down for couple days or so

lovely stuff…doesnt seize to amaze how the services manage to break down this often…
imagine how long it ld take if we werent paying for the transfer.