16m Rorqual and drone boat alt to sell

Desent drone and gallente shipskills

Positive Wallet
Positive Security Status
Located in Null Sec (will travel it to Highsec)
Complete STandart Implant Set
2 Remaps Avaliable

I pay transfer per ccp rules etc.

Start the bidding at 19B ISK


15b bid

daily bump

Daly Bump!

will buy for 16b

Daily bump

Ill do 18 if you get the pilot to Jita

Daylie Bumb!

18 bil offer good for 24 hours

bid retracted

Daylie Bump!

Daylie Bump!

Daylie Bump!

15.5bil missing t2 core

forget that

its your highest bid so far

i can still extract it and make more so no way all below starting bid will be ignored.

your looking at 8 ish bill if you extract, and another 4bill maybe if you sell 5 mill sp stripped toon

I was just gonna let his extract and find out the fun way
But my bid stands