17.3m SP Tornado / Tempest / Macharial Pilot

(Sloppy Pipe Cleaner) #1

pw 1234

Sec Status just brought to 0
T2 Guns
Mid Grade Snake Set
Mid Grade Asklepian set
2 Remaps Available
1 Kill right on char with 16D remaining.
Char and Jump Clones are in low sec 1 jump from high sec. I could move them if necessary.

Asklepian Set

18b BO

(Raven Cuervo) #2

13.5 bil

(I Scam) #3

Posted on wrong character

(Kendal Knighte) #4

16 B B/O accepted in game. Ready for confirmation to send isk

(Sloppy Pipe Cleaner) #5

Offer accepted… Waiting for payment

(Kendal Knighte) #6

isk and account name sent

(Sloppy Pipe Cleaner) #7

Payment received.

(Sloppy Pipe Cleaner) #8

character transfer started

(system) #9

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