WTS 110+mil supcap pilot


possitive wallet
no kill right
+0.0 securty status.

not located high sec and steal joined a npc corp, but if you want to buy
i’ll move it to high sec and npc corp after your offer.

i have mixed snake set with High and Mid
and High- crystal set

Do you have a price? And generally they want you in an npc corp/no assets before the post.

Yep stard bid is 95bil, b/o is 115bil.
And soon later i’ll quit my corp if somebody wants to buy this toon…

95b is a bit high as I have no interest in your assets I will bid 75b and you keep assets

Uhmm i think it isn’t high price. This toon is subcap focused pilot. And all subcap gun/missile skils are reached to V, even cruiser missiles too.
Think about it again plz.

Without assets what is your b/o? I’m willing to go higher but I do not want the assets

105bil b/o… how do you think about this?

I can do 95b b/o and even that is reaching but isk is ready should you accept

I can sell this only 105bil over. sorry

Yeah no worries if you change your mind lmk

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100B offer

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Confirm. Send me ISK and your ID by in-game mail. @Rupert_Hakaari