WTS 110+mil excellent supcap pilot


positive wallet. security.
almost subcap ship boardable
All triglavian subcap boardable with skill V
Prove scanning skills are reached to V(Astrometic, -rangefinding, -Acqusition)
Booster penalty skills are reached to V(neurotoxin control, neurotoxin Recovery)

now i’m moving clones to high sec,
and i’ll quit corp if it done. -DONE. Now i’m in high sec and NPC CORP.

Start bid : 100bil
B/O : 115bil

Moving clone and Corp quitting is done.
Now i’ll show you about my implant sets.
All of clones are located in high-sec, and freeport citadel or npc station.
So you can take it out them free(surely, there is some fee for clone jumping)
Click image to check detail.

There are 7 kinds of implant sets.
Check it and take this with good price.

Bump bump


BUMPBUMP you can bid to this toon


I could offer you 80b.

At the minimum it’s a free bump if it’s too far away

thank you bump

I can accept 85B

Daily bump

90b offer

i’ll not sell under 110bil.



100b offer

thanks. BUMP!

Sorry. I decided to extract all SP. Please delete this topic.

Closed at OP’s request